Create your own memes on 9GAG

9GAG is originally a Hong Kong humor website that is hosted in the United States of America. 9GAG started in 2008 and 9GAG is now one of the 500 most visited websites in the world. The name 9GAG comes from the page layout that was previously used. There were nine jokes on one page. This is no longer the case today. On 9GAG you can find a lot of memes (narrative images) that are appreciated worldwide. Do you want to know how you can make your own memes?

Examples of memes

There are a lot of memes on 9GAG. One of the most famous is Y U No Guy, now shortened to Y U No. This stands for Why Don't You, and is often followed by an actually idiotic suggestion. To give an example of a meme of Y U No: "Adele, Y U No fire to Justin Bieber".
Another meme that you will often find on 9GAG is Success Kid. This cute toddler has clutched his fist and spread humorous wisdom. An example of a meme from Success Kid is: Put a soda in the freezer to cool. Remembered to take it out before it exploded.
And then there is Bad Luck Brian. A nerdy kid who does something good, but the result is always disappointing. An example of a Bad Luck Brian meme is the following: Scores his first goal. His team loses 0-1.
There are also many more famous memes, such as Philosoraptor, Good Guy Greg, Scumbag Steve, Conspiracy Keanu, Overly Attached Girlfriend, Stoner Stanley and One Does Not Simply. All memes that are used a lot on 9GAG.

Make your own memes

If you want to make a meme yourself to put on 9GAG, you can use a so-called meme generator. You go to a meme generator and choose which meme you want to use. It differs per website where you will make the memes, but they almost all work the same. You choose (re) caption this image and enter your own text. By pressing the Generate button, the text you entered will be displayed on the image. You can then choose to save and share your meme.

Post your own images and memes on 9GAG

You can register for free on 9GAG. With Facebook you can log in and upload your own images and memes. If you are logged in, you can also vote for the images and memes of other people. If the files you have uploaded receive a lot of positive votes, you will be redirected to the trending page. If you get more votes from this page, you will be redirected to the hot page.
Other funny images are often placed outside the memes. Consider, for example, Facebook statuses including any reactions, examples of embarrassing conversations with auto-correct and situations from everyday life. Occasionally there may be videos on 9GAG, but the majority of the website still consists of images.
The motto of 9GAG is Just For Fun, and that is what 9GAG is all about: humor. And that this humor is appreciated, is evident from the fact that the official 9GAG Facebook account has more than 4.2 million likes and that the official Twitter account of 9GAG is followed by more than 1.1 million people.

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