Watch or download films and series for free: visit China!

Yes, we know YouTube of course. This article is NOT about YouTube: it's about other options to watch and download movies and series on the internet. This is about possibilities that you had never thought of before: the Chinese internet. Here five Chinese video websites are presented where you can watch or download videos.


The Chinese internet? Why would you go there? Very simple: unlike YouTube, clips are not deleted due to copyright. Chinese law also prohibits copyright infringement, but compliance with this is inadequate, particularly on the internet. That means that you can just come across films and series. With Chinese subtitles, then again. And since YouTube is blocked in China, the Chinese themselves cannot relocate to this site.
You really don't need Chinese for it. You can simply search the films or series in English. If you don't find anything, you can always turn on the Chinese dictionary at Because users contribute to this, you also get the translation of movie titles. For example, you can easily find that Mission Impossible in Chinese is called "diézhōngdié" (in characters: 碟中谍). Of course you have to download the Chinese character set to read Chinese so that it doesn't all turn into blocks ...


This is the umbrella video search engine for the Chinese internet that can lead you to various video websites. The advantage is that you do not have to try all the options below separately!


This is the YouTube of China. TuDou means potato in Chinese (literally: ground bean), but why that site is so hot is a mystery. With over 34 million clips, it's no small fries, that's for sure!
The search bar is at the top center. If there are results, a message will appear stating your search query between all kinds of Chinese and a number at the end. This is the number of results found. Below you can see the thumbnails of the videos in rows of four on the page. In the left corner is indicated how long the video is, so then you get the full versions out immediately.


Source: Youku logo
You mean excellent and Ku means extreme, so the site is extremely good, according to the makers. However, the set-up is similar to Tudou's: the search bar is in the top center, video thumbnails appear in rows of four and the length is indicated in the left corner.


A little one with over 3 million videos. Pi means many things, especially something that has to do with skin or leather, but it can also mean naughty. That is probably the meaning that the makers had in mind. A repetition of a word in Chinese means the same as that we would put "very much" in it. Except of course that "pipi" also sounds funny.
The search bar of this site is impossible to miss, because it covers two-thirds of the page. The results of the search appear by default on a new tab or page. If the relevant film or series is available, one or more numbers will appear below the description. These are various links to this video. To view these you must download and install the program. To do this, simply click on one of those numbers and a message appears in Chinese. Click ok and you will be prompted to download "pipi_301.exe".


Xunlei means fast thunder, so they promise that you can quickly find that movie or series and that the connection is fast. The search bar is again at the top center and results appear on a new tab or page. To watch videos you have to install a specific program.
So when you have found that movie or series and you click on it, you will be taken to a page that starts with "" (can mean watching). In the middle of the screen, where the video is supposed to be, you see a message with a green bar. Click on this and you will be prompted to save the "KankanInstaller.exe" file. Once installed, you can now watch the film or series directly.


This name is the easiest to remember of all ... The principle is similar to you must install a program and download the film or series.
The search bar is in the familiar place, but the search results appear below each other. Click on one of the results and a new tab or page will open. In a gray box, slightly down, you will find the list of download links. To download you need a Torrent program, for example eMule from This program is also available in Dutch.


To view the films and series on this website you first have to download the so-called QVODplayer from Borthersoft, for example: // Download the English version and you can open the website URL in the program. So find the film or series that you want to watch and copy the link. Do this from Internet Explorer, because other browsers give other links that do not work in the program.
The advantage is that the quality of the material is better, but the disadvantage is that the speed leaves something to be desired. You cannot usually look directly. However, if you can be patient, you can follow the latest series from the US via this website. Be careful not to download the QVODplayer from any website, because some come with all kinds of viruses.

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