How do I create an account at Habbo Hotel?

Habbo Hotel is a large online community where everyone can create a free account. How do you create an account at Habbo Hotel? This article explains it step by step. Are there free credits? How do you play Habbo? How do you prevent someone from hacking your account? Also make sure that your e-mail account is not hacked, because that way your account can also be stolen.
A few Habbos in the hotel / Source: Habbo Hotel print screen

How do you create an account at Habbo Hotel?

Habbo is a very popular online community for children and young people. A create an account is easy. Participation in Habbo is free. This means that you can create a free account. You can create as many accounts as you want, so you can create different puppets. For each account you can choose a girl doll or a boy doll. Habbo itself is therefore free, but you can also buy things for furnishing your hotel rooms. To create an account you need a properly working e-mail address, your date of birth and a password that you can keep secret, but you can also remember. If you are on the Habbo homepage, proceed as follows.
  • Choose 'Register Free' or 'Register'. Often there is also a large button on the homepage. You can also click on that.
  • Enter your e-mail address. This must be an email address that works, and you may not share the email address with others. If you use hotmail or another free e-mail address, nobody can have your password from your e-mail address.
  • use a password that is secure. Read more about choosing a secure password at:
  • You will be asked to enter the password again. This is to prevent you from making a typo.
  • you must select your date of birth. Choose your real date of birth, because if you ever lost your password, Habbo will ask for your date of birth again. If you then do not know the date of birth, it is difficult to reactivate the account, and then only via the 'support troops' (Player support) from Habbo. That can take weeks. So choose your real date of birth.
  • Click on: 'continue'
  • If all is well, you can now choose what your doll will look like. You can always change that later. At the very top you can first come up with a Habbo name. This is not your real name, but the name that you want to give the puppet to Habbo. Choose a name that nobody has. It is not wise to take your own name, because then everyone on Habbo can see your real name and that is not the intention.
  • They ask you to enter the code word. Tap the code word. This must be spelled correctly. If you cannot read the example, you can choose another word. Then click on the red letters below the 'choose other words' box.
  • Choose whether you want to receive the newsletter (by email)
  • Accept the conditions
  • Click "Done."
  • Now you have made a Habbo and you can look around the Hotel.

You can immediately select a room, and that room already has a color. You also get a free piece of furniture every day, which is very sympathetic to Habbo. nobody used to get furniture, so if you didn't have any money, you only had an empty room. nowadays you get free furniture from Habbo, so that participants can furnish their room without money. of course you can also buy a lot of furniture. the catalog is bursting with furniture and new furniture is added weekly (it is used for furniture on the site). Also virtual pets, such as dogs,

Dress up your Habbo

You see a screen with a doll and a selection screen from which you can find hairstyles, clothes, skin color and shoes Habbo can choose. There you can always decide again whether your Habbo will be a boy or a girl. If you click on 'surprise me', the Habbo database will select the clothing and the like for your doll. Don't worry about your clothes or hairstyle, you can change everything later.

Come up with a (unique) name for your Habbo

It is nice to come up with a separate name for your Habbo. Many names are already taken, so you will sometimes have to enter a new name a few times. With each name you can see if that name is still available, by clicking on the search logo on the right of the screen in the blue square. That looks like a magnifying glass. The computer then searches for whether your invented name on Habbo is not yet being used by someone else. Once you have made up a name that is still available, you can only enter the following information.

Choose a secure password

A password that contains numbers, upper and lower case letters is the safest. That password must be unique and you must immediately write it down in a secret place. You may never share or pass on your password with anyone. Taking an account with someone is very unwise. After all, everyone can create a FREE account for themselves, and it is generally known on Habbo that children who know each other steal things from each other once passwords have been passed on to others in good faith. So take an account for yourself, with a password that you don't tell anyone. A secure password contains a few upper case letters, a few lower case letters and a few numbers. You enter the password twice. They ask you to be sure that the password is entered correctly by you, so that there is no doubt about what your password is later.

Enter date of birth

You must select your date of birth from the list. Enter your date of birth very precisely, because if you ever lose your password, then 'player support' will ask you by e-mail for the date of birth that you used when creating your account. So if you do not remember that date of birth, they cannot send you a new password. So it is best to enter your real date of birth.

Free room and free furniture

You can then choose a free room that you immediately see on screen. Choose a room that suits you best by clicking on 'choose'. The hotel is now being loaded for you, and a moment later you see your doll standing in the doorway of your room. Then click on the floor of your room, and your puppet will walk to the place where you clicked.

Play Habbo

Habbo is a hotel for young people and children. Of course adults also play the game. It is a virtual world that people enjoy. On the left side of the screen you see a number of logos.
  • Question mark (to ask for help).
  • Hotel overview.
  • Navigator (you can visit floors).
  • Friends list (to add friends).
  • Catalog (full of stuff you can buy).
  • A hand with a box in which your furniture is.
  • Magnifying glass to zoom in and out.
  • A face, logo to let your doll do things, such as dancing, waving, becoming HC.

Become HC or VIP

If you have money for it you can become HC or VIP. HC stands for Habbo Club. VIP for Verry Important Habbo. The prices change quite often at the hotel, but if you become HC or VIP you get extra nice furniture and you have a choice of more clothes. There are also chic badges and other extras. you can choose for 1 basket, 3 months or more to be HC or VIP. Of course it costs credits.

Buy credits

Credit is the currency that you use in the 'game' to buy things. You can also buy coins in the hotel that look like coins, but strangely enough, a credit coin, 2 credits from your wallet… it means that you pay more for a coin than it is worth buying immediately. This is not recommended if you want to use the coins to buy items directly from the catalog. However, the exchange value of the coin is higher, but the spending value is therefore lower. The coins are therefore suitable for exchanging furniture with others, but not suitable for buying furniture through the catalog. You can buy furniture directly from the catalog, or exchange it with the coins. pay attention. The exchange value of the coins is higher than the spending value. About this:
  • 1 credit coin has 6 credits exchange value
  • 5 credit currency has 30 credit exchange value
  • 10 credit currency has a value of 60 credits

For ten credits that are in your wallet, you cannot purchase ten credits in coins, but if you have credits in coins you can exchange them for six times the value. Complicated? If you sit on Habbo for a while you get used to it quickly. Just remember that you only have to buy coins if you want to exchange them to get a lot of furniture. If you do not want to exchange credits for furniture but want to buy furniture directly from the catalog, do not use coins, but your wallet money, if you have one. Credits can be purchased via a telephone number (the telephone bill then becomes higher), a bank account, and wallet card or via MSN. The cheapest way is to pay through the bank.

Free credits

Free credits do not exist unless someone gives them to you by giving you a coin. E is no other way to get free credits. So if someone offers you free credits at the hotel, you can only do so in one way, via the exchange screen. If they ask for your password or for your e-mail, they are supposedly hackers. People like that want to steal your doll, your furniture and your account.

How do you play Habbo?

  • By clicking on the floor of your room, your Habbo will start walking.
  • On the left-hand side of the screen you see a hand, which contains your things.
  • Click on that hand? The hand opens and there is a free table in it.
  • By clicking on the table you can pick it up and put it in your room.
  • Habbo gives tips that appear at the bottom of the menu.
  • In the Habbo catalog you can view the furniture that Habbos can buy.
  • The furniture can be purchased with credits, which you can only buy with real money.
  • Buying credits goes via a special phone number (click your habbo wallet for that), or with other ways to pay, such as through the bank.

Are there codes to obtain free Habbo credits?

The answer is 100% NO! People who promise you want to steal your things, hack your account and take over your Habbo. So never fall for it. Therefore never give your email or msn or personal details to other Habbos.

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