Without work, what to do then

These days you can be happy if you have a job, because you hear nothing but that things are not going well everywhere. Because there is much talk about the recession, the crisis consumers are spending less and less. As a result, manufacturers and brokers and stores run into problems, and related branches. But now you will have the misfortune of being fired. Without work, what to do then. What should you do and what can you do and what options do you have.

Lost job, what to do?

Many people who still have a job can suddenly be told that they no longer have their job. Probably many tens of thousands of people will lose their jobs. But what should you do if it happens to you unexpectedly. There are many rules that you must adhere to in order to claim benefits. It is not obvious that you will immediately receive a benefit. But if you laid off you will have the opportunity to become one Unemployment benefits to request.

There are different requirements for you to qualify;

  • You must have had a job for at least 6 months.
  • The amount of your benefit will be determined on the basis of the duration of work in recent times, your employment history.
  • Your dismissal should not be your own fault.
  • Not older than 65 years.

Everyone who is insured is entitled to unemployment benefits. People working in social employment are also insured. It is important that you register as soon as possible as soon as you are out of work UWV WORK COMPANY, first this was the CWI. You can register earlier, but the date of the first day that you will actually be dismissed must be known. Otherwise on the first day of your unemployment or within a week.
It is not necessary to actually go to it UWV WORK COMPANY They also have their own website, www.UWV WERKBEDRIJF.NL, where you can register via the computer. Sometimes people can't figure it out or don't have a computer for this group of people, it is possible to fill in a form at the UWV office.

To apply for unemployment benefits you must at least have the following with you;

  • Address details of all employers where you have worked.
  • Date of employment and date of employment of relevant employers.
  • Citizen service number (formerly sofinr).
  • When visiting the UWV you are obliged to identify yourself with a passport or identity card, this must be valid, a driver's license is not allowed.

UWV WERKbedrijf can help you with reintegration advice, this advice relates to any training and / or training that can increase your chances of finding a job.

How high is the benefit?

You receive 75 percent of your last received salary in the first 2 months, then it becomes 70 percent. There are, however, upper limits on which the percentage may be calculated, this is determined on the basis of the highest paid daily wage, and where the highest amount is paid in unemployment insurance premiums. You are entitled to 1 month benefit per year worked, with a maximum duration of 38 months in total (three years and two months).

The unemployment benefit is terminated if;

  • If you have found a job and are going to work again.
  • If there is a demonstrable fact that confirms that you are receiving a benefit in error, dismissal due to your own fault, etc.
  • If the maximum period of time has elapsed in which you are entitled to benefits

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