Disease: Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a cartilage disorder in the joints. It is also referred to as wear and tear and mainly occurs in older people over 65 years of age.



In the Netherlands there are around 650,000 people who have osteoarthritis. About 25,000 people get it at a young age (25 to 45 years). The cartilage between your joints ensure that you can move smoothly and flexibly. There is a smooth layer between the bone and the cartilage, this is called joint cartilage. This ensures that your joints keep moving smoothly. If the cartilage is damaged, it is difficult to move and it hurts. The bone is also no longer well protected and can be deformed. Especially when people get older, they get bothered by this. It is not as easy anymore as before. Osteoarthritis is also called wear rheumatism.

The emergence

It is still unknown how osteoarthritis occurs. What is known is that it mainly occurs in women, in overweight people, in the elderly and in sports or professions where your joints are heavily and heavily burdened. It can also occur because some people have a congenital joint defect or because of a serious accident where you have had a serious bruise.


  • Painful joints
  • You can get cysts
  • When touched it can be sensitive
  • You can often be very stiff
  • Your joints become less flexible


It is very important that you remain as active as possible. Therefore, go for a walk once in a while in your hometown or go swimming or cycling. Try not to overload your joints. Physiotherapy can also help not to aggravate the pain. Go to the doctor to consult him about the use of which medication you need. Please note that medication cannot cure osteoarthritis but can help reduce pain. You may also need surgery. They then clean the joints, but can also put an artificial joint in it.


Based on your complaints, the hospital can make a diagnosis by, for example, performing a blood test, radiotherapy or by having X-rays made. The best method is radiotherapy. With radiotherapy, they can make any abnormalities visible, just like bone abnormalities.

Tips for people with osteoarthritis

  • Try to live a healthy life and thus avoid being overweight
  • If you have osteoarthritis of the knees and hips, do not attempt to climb, squat or kneel
  • Wear sturdy and easy-walking shoes with good soles
  • Do not take the same attitude all day
  • Avoid a long car ride
  • Swallow fish oil (omega-3) pills, these are anti-inflammatory pills and at the same time good for the resistance

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