A closer look at the Special K diet

Anyone who watches TV has undoubtedly noticed the commercial of the Special K diet from Kellogg's. This diet revolves entirely around Special K and other products that fall under this brand name, but is this diet really as effective as people want to make it shine? Can you really lose so much weight simply by following the Special K diet?

What does the Special K diet consist of?

It will probably not surprise you that the Special K diet consists mainly of products from the Special K range. First of all you have to replace two meals per day with one Special K product. Here there is a choice of meal bars rich in proteins, protein shakes or Special K breakfast cereals. This works perfectly for someone who is already used to eating breakfast cereals, but for someone who is in the habit of eating large quantities, hunger will not be satisfied with just a bar, shake or bowl of cornflakes. Despite this, Special K offers a varied range of cereal bars including blueberries, fruit and yogurt, low-fat muesli, honey, cereals, vanilla, almond and red currants.
Secondly, there is the possibility of eating two snacks a day, naturally from the Special K range. These can consist of crackers, cereal bars and protein bars. Here the same problem can arise of a permanent feeling of hunger when you are used to large snacks as these products are very low in fiber.
Because Special K has a variety of flavors, you will get the feeling that your daily menu varies freely and you are not tied to the same dull taste, day in day out (just think of a rice cake diet).
In addition to consuming all these Special K products, it is permitted to consume fruit and vegetables at any time of the day as well as consuming low-calorie drinks. In addition, you are also exempt from the Special K regime once a day and you eat that meal whatever you want. Of course you better not opt ​​for high-fat fried food. It is important to portion well and choose the healthier alternatives if you really want to lose weight with Special K.

Lose weight with Special K

The principle of Special K is very simple. You avoid taking calories throughout the day, so you will eventually lose weight. These snacks and cereal bars contain very few calories, much less than most dishes that you would otherwise eat. In addition, Special K maintains control over portioning through pre-packaged products, making it impossible to overeat. Of course you have to stick to the tight schedule to get results.
In addition, with Special K you can still eat five times a day plus the possibility of consuming extra fruits and vegetables, so that your body is still nourished, unlike other diets where you will give up faster or you will overeat due to the excessive hunger feeling.
Nevertheless, in the beginning it will be difficult to be satisfied with the small portions if you are used to eating large meals.

Positive points

  • You will probably lose weight if you strictly adhere to the diet. When you band calories and keep control over the quantities, you can't help but lose weight.
  • It's not that hard to stick to the diet since you don't have to cook differently or go to boring meetings. Instead, eat the pre-packaged meals or snacks whenever it suits you.
  • You can eat at many times of the day. Nothing is worse than having to function with an empty stomach. If you are still hungry during the Special K diet, you can always eat a portion of fruit or vegetables.
  • The diet is ideal for people who are often on the move. When you work all day, travel a lot or are just often on the road for the children, it is easy to always have your snack with you.
  • If you maintain the Special K diet long enough you will find that you will get more control over the portions you eat, and you will also get used to eating small portions, which is certainly useful in your subsequent life after the diet.
  • Someone who loves sweet will no longer have to grab ice cream or chocolate. The Special K bars are generally quite sweet in taste.

Negative points

  • The Special K diet contains very few fibers. This is of course easy to remedy by taking extra nutritional supplements.
  • Although people stick to a diet for a long time when it works well, it is not recommended. By eating a wide variety of foods you get a wide range of essential nutrients every day. This is why it is best to stop a diet when the desired result is achieved.
  • Special K says nothing at all about exercise and sport. Experts unanimously agree that exercise is an essential part of a healthy life and for losing excess weight. However, the Special K diet alone will not be enough to change your lifestyle and keep your weight under control.
  • The Special K diet contains a lot of sugars, which can cause certain health problems.

Who is it good for?

Despite the negative points, it is a good idea for some people to try the Special K diet.
  • People who tend to eat a lot will take advantage of the pre-packaged portions to gain control of their eating habits.
  • People who are often on the road and tend to stop at a fast food restaurant to satisfy their hunger. The snacks from Special K are ideal to take with you, and will prevent you from making an unhealthy choice when there is no alternative option nearby.

Who is it not good for?

People who exercise a lot will not benefit from this diet. After all, the calories are way too low. A diet rich in healthy calories with a wide range of nutrients that support muscle growth and energy will be a better solution for these people.

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