A nice waste motivation tip: Model My Diet App

A lack of motivation is by far one of the biggest problems in the area of ​​weight loss. Without enough motivation, a diet is doomed to fail after some time. The following tip could help you with this, namely the Model My Diet app. Via a mobile app or the official website, people can create a virtual mini-me version of themselves and then they can see what they could look like after they have finally achieved their desired weight. However, this is not the only thing this mobile app can do for you. You can see your progress by comparing your current weight with your starting weight and your target weight. Via a graph you can see your possible weight decrease or weight gain and via the virtual mini-me version you can see what effect this will have on your physical shape.
There are several options possible on this mobile app, namely:
  • You can choose between the metric system or the imperial system
  • You can adjust your height
  • You can see what your Body Mass Index is. The possibilities for this fall between sixteen and fifty-two.
  • You can also adjust your skin color. There are six different skin color options for women, but only four for men.


You can adjust your weight. There are three different options here, namely you can enter your starting weight and your target weight. In addition, there is the option to keep track of your current weight if you are on a diet. You can see this via a graph or on the body of your virtual mini-me.


You can adjust your physique. If you are a woman, there are three different options, namely apple, pear or hourglass. This is a little different for men. They have two different options, namely a normal or muscular physique. If you are a woman you can adjust your breast size. There are two options, namely small-medium and medium-large. If you are a man, you can adjust your abdominal circumference. There are two options, namely a flat or a round belly.

Opportunities in the field of hair

Women have the possibility to choose from thirteen different hairstyles, as well as the possibility to choose from six different hair colors. The choice of men is somewhat greater than that of women. They have the option to choose from twelve different hairstyles, as well as the option to choose from six different hair colors. In addition, they can make a choice in terms of beard. There are four different choices and they have the option to choose from six different colors. So there is the possibility of having a different hair and beard color.

Possibilities in the field of clothing and face

There are also several options for changing your face. You can change your eyes, lips, nose and age. However, the options are limited in this field. You can choose between two different options each time. Women have the option to choose between a swimsuit or a normal outfit. Ten different choices are possible in terms of swimsuits and nine different choices in terms of a normal outfit. However, among men, the options are somewhat less compared to women. They can only choose from eleven different outfits.
So it could be an excellent tool if you want to lose weight in a healthy and responsible way. In addition, it is scientifically proven that people who are regularly weighed and keep track of their progress actually have a greater chance of weight loss. So actually make use of this option on Model my Diet.

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