Get tight, fit and relaxed by showering

Everyone likes to take a shower. But if you use the shower in the right way, you can get even more benefits out of a clean body. On average, we shower about five times a week for about 8 minutes. Showering is very nice, but unfortunately also bad for our skin. Every time you wash, you damage the protective layer of your skin. This will recover after a few hours, but in the meantime your skin will be exposed to irritations, dirt, dehydration and bacteria. If you suffer from dry or sensitive skin, it is best not to stand in the shower for too long and also avoid a warm temperature. After showering, apply a lotion to nourish your skin.

Hot shower

A hot shower ensures that your pores are opened. It also stimulates blood flow, this ensures that waste products disappear from your body faster. A warm shower can help against muscle pain or stiffness. However, a warm shower also ensures that the skin dries out quickly. You can also get tired and slow because your body has to keep its temperature constant. It is best to use a change shower during the shower.

Change shower

What is very good for your skin and your blood flow is a change shower. A change shower can help with skin problems and has a refreshing effect. Taking a change shower is very simple. You occasionally close the hot tap during your shower. The cold water will startle your body and make your body warm up. This causes the blood vessels and muscles to contract, making the skin tighter and giving your skin a healthy color. A change shower also helps against cellulite.
With a hot shower only your skin relaxes, but the alternating shower improves your blood circulation. Fat also gets less chance this way. You must always close a change shower with cold water. This closes your pores. With the alternating shower you use as a warm temperature around 38 to 40 degrees Celsius. With the cold part you ensure that you are below 20 degrees Celsius. Swap this every few minutes.


Taking a bath takes more time as a shower and that is why we do not use it much. Too often in the bath is also very bad for your skin. You should never actually take a bath for more than 20 minutes. Make sure the bath water is around 38 degrees Celsius. That is the right temperature to be able to relax. A colder bath is refreshing and a warmer bath makes must and sluggish. When you have finished showering you should always wash your hair and your body. This way you rinse all the dirt off your body. Make sure you use a nourishing lotion after bathing.

Shower and bath products

It is best to wash your hair with a shampoo and then use a conditioner. Also use a mask once a week. First wash your hair with shampoo. To clean your body it is best to use a shower cream. In the drugstore you will find an extensive range for every skin type.
For the bath you can use bath products. These are often oil-based and there is also an extensive range to be found. For a relaxing bath it is best to use lavender and for a refreshing bath eucalyptus. Make sure you always use a lotion after showering or bathing. You can also find these for different skin types. The lotions nourish the skin, help prevent dehydration and make your skin soft.

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