Garden life: beautiful plants in beautiful pots

Pots can definitely pick up a garden, but it is important to combine well and to consider what kind of pots are required. After all, nothing every pot can withstand frost and not every pot matches the overall picture that is created for the garden.


Trends determine what stores have the most on the shelves, but it certainly does not determine the individual garden. Of course you can be inspired by new trends, but if you have set your sights on a different style, it may be more difficult to find the right pots, but the internet can help with that.

What is there?

For example, for a few years we have the sleekly designed cube-like pots in the garden shops. Aluminum or stainless steel is usually gray / black tones. But the colorful pots and the romantic style can be seen again. If it is not the braided plastic that you also have the well-known garden furniture from, then you will see the real wicker baskets with or without a handle. Sleekly designed or with the well-known curved lines for the rural look.
With the wicker baskets you have a problem if you want to leave everything outside in the winter. This material is weather-resistant and will run out after one or two seasons. When purchasing, make sure that if you want to leave your things outside, you also purchase the right material. The braided plastic or aluminum can easily stay outside, but the terracotta pots have to go in the fall.

To apply

If you have bought the right pots, make sure there are always holes at the bottom where the water can run out. Plants do not like to stay in soil that is too wet for a long time and may rot if the pot is closed at the bottom.
If you put the plant in the pot, let it 'soak' in a container of water before the plant is placed in the soil (a few potsherds at the bottom of the pot ensures even better drainage). Make sure you have the right potting soil and follow if the soil does not dry out in the event of persistent drought. A pot can dry out fairly quickly and afterwards the plant will break.
If it is not immediately necessary to spray the garden, that does not mean anything about the pots. The plants in the open ground get their required water deeper and dry out less quickly. Therefore, a splash of water per pot must be taken into account every day. If it is really dry longer and the garden needs to be sprayed, the pots can be taken here. Pay attention with the daily round of outdoor plants watering that high standing or hanging plants in pots cannot easily be treated with a traditional watering can (can be very heavy). If necessary, choose a plastic watering can or use the garden hose for the higher-lying plants.


Plants in pots can use some extras, but which fertilizer you need depends entirely on which plant is in the pot. The fertilizers are coated in various types in, for example, loose material or in tablet form. In addition, there is also liquid manure.

And last but not least

So if you pay some attention to it, pots can absolutely beautify the garden.

Video: Plants Pots & Tropical Decor Tour (April 2020).

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