Death Note (Desu Note)

Death Note is a manga / anime series. (Japanese comics). It is an exciting series about life and death. The main character Light has a booklet with which he can kill people. His father is with the police, and he wants to be with him later. He decides to use the booklet, the Death Note, to punish criminals. Death Note is a well-known mange / anime series. It is written by Tsugumi Ohba and signed by Takeshi Obata.
Genre: Drama, Mystery Shounen

The story

The main character is the student Light Yagami. His father is a police officer, and he himself is one of the best students in his school, and he would like to join the police later. One day when he finds the Death Note, his life changes completely. The Death Note is a notebook that comes from the world of Shinigami's (Angels of Death). The Shinigami Ryuk dropped its booklet "by accident" into the human world, and the result is that Light picks it up. Light soon discovers that it is not a normal booklet. When he writes someone's name in it, he dies 60 seconds later. He can also see the Shinigami. Ryuk is the keeper of the book, and must remain with the book at all times, and therefore with Light. Light decides to use the booklet. He wants to play for god, and to put all criminals in the world to justice. He does this too.
When mysteriously all kinds of criminals get a cardiac arrest, a light starts to burn at the police. They know that someone is behind it. They do not know who and how this person manages this. The person is called Kira. They switch on L. Nobody knows exactly who L is, nor what he looks like. He communicates with the police via the computer. All they know is that L has been able to find everyone, every criminal, so far. But whether this also succeeds this time?
From that moment the battle between Kira and L. begins.

The manga

The manga can be read in Dutch and in English. There are currently 12 volumes. There is still a thirteenth volume, but this is only available in English. This volume does not apply to the story. It is an extra part, a bonus for fans.

The anime

The anime is not in Dutch. You can watch it on different websites, but then Japanese is spoken with English subtitles. There are now 37 episodes. The story in the anime is slightly different than in the manga, which is why there are more episodes of the anime than there are volumes of the manga.
  • The voice of Light was recorded by Mamoru Miyano
  • L has been interpreted by Kappei Yamaguchi
  • Ryuk was done by Shidou Nakamura Shidou
  • Misa Amane is spoken by Aya Hirano

Video: Desu Noto Death Note Parody Episode 1 (April 2020).

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