Why do we say "uh ..."? and Sinterklaas frogs with swimsuit

review Why do Santa Claus frogs actually wear a swimsuit? It is one of the questions that readers sent to NRC.Next and editor Juliette Vasterman and her team looked for the answer. The newspaper had a question and answer section and a collection of episodes from that section was bundled in a booklet. And why do we say eh? These and more such questions are provided with an answer. Obvious answers and surprising, open doors and eye openers.

Next Question

Have you ever wondered why the chocolate frogs that we see in stores around Sinterklaas have a foil with a swimsuit print? Have you ever wanted to know how much horsepower a person actually has? Have you always wanted to know if Napoleon was really as small as is engraved in our collective memory? These are a few examples of pressing questions that readers of NRC.Next sent to the editors of the newspaper. The newspaper neatly publishes an answer to one of the incoming questions every day.

Juliette Vasterman

The coordinator of this section is Juliette Vasterman, who, prior to the publication of the booklet Why do we say eh?, processed the questions and answers for two years. The most colorful, exciting, interesting or funniest question was treated to an answer via the newspaper. The section was named Next Question. The hundred very best questions and answers were bundled in the booklet.

Essential questions of life about frogs in swimsuits

They are not essential questions of life that are dealt with in the book, but they are fun facts. You can use it to make the flash on a birthday visit or at the bar. We accept the chocolate frogs in bathing suits without grumbling. Who pays attention to where this comes from? Judith Hovens from Amersfoort broke his head over it and sent the question. “Why are they wearing bathing suits? Isn't it winter candy? ”The editors delved into the candy history and ended up at the Zaanse Goedhart Suikerwerken factory. In the Zaans Museum there was another frog with an orange and white striped bathing suit that dates from the 1960s. The curator of the museum suggested that the bathing suit should make the frog less scary, but he could not explain that with certainty.


It is also possible that Pinkeltje writer Dick Laan had a hand in it, that he cheered up the frog with a swimsuit. The question is not answered conclusively, but the suggestions are entertaining.

Why do we say eh ...?

Yes, and why do we say now eh? I recently had an interview for Omrop Fryslân's radio. The reporter came by and we first chatted about the weather and journalism. In the middle of the conversation the man said that he was going to switch on the recorder and without further introduction we ended up in the interview about the subject that it was all about. The start of the interview was therefore not as fluent as I had imagined, and as a result I got somewhat off my own. That is why my word frequently crept into my answers eh… . Should I have prepared better? Should I have practiced my story in front of the mirror? That might have helped. After listening to the recording, I was somewhat frustrated by it. That could have been better. That frustration is after reading the booklet Why do we say eh? completely over.
Source: Cover book

Why do we make that sound?

"Why do we make that sound?" Geert Limburg from Rotterdam asked. His question came in the newspaper and also in the booklet. And why do we actually make that sound? It is a sound that indicates that something else is coming, that you think about the sequel. You give with eh that you are not finished speaking yet. The sound is a sign that you want to keep the initiative. That is also the reason why people do not stand still when they want to think for a moment, but the strings with the eh want to keep in your hands. It is a pause sound or hesitation, which is roughly the same in different countries but has nuances of differences. It is the easiest sound that is the fastest to produce.

Anyone who says 'eh' chooses care

The eh sound has a bad reputation; it is often associated with a lack of intelligence, but that is incorrect. At least, that's what the book says and I want to believe that. People who eh say their words choose carefully. They are not stupid at all, but thoughtful. I will try a little less at the next interview because of the nicer running of the sentences eh to say. I remain thoughtful, I keep thinking, I keep the initiative. If it does happen, if the eh nevertheless intervenes again, I am not worried about reading this booklet anymore.

Why do we say eh ...?

  • Editor Juliette Vasterman
  • Publisher NRC Boeken / Nieuw Amsterdam
  • ISBN 9789046815694

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