The Opperdoezer round: the tastiest potato in the world

The tastiest potato in the world is the Opperdoezer round. This potato is so special because it has a protected origin designation. This means that only potatoes within a radius of 1 km can be grown around the church of Opperdoes. If the potato is grown outside this radius, it is not an official Opperdoezer round.


From 1860 onwards, mainly nine-breeders were cultivated in Opperdoes. This is a fast-growing potato that can be harvested early in the season. The nine-breeders are crossed with varieties of the plant grown from seed bulbs by J. Sluis from Andijk. The result of these potatoes was initially called the lock. Through the breeding of variations of the plant the Opperdoezer round.

The Opperdoezer round

This firm and round potato has a yellow skin. The potato is officially called a yellow / white fleshy, slightly irregular shape, oval round, deep-eyed tuber with a relatively low starch content. For this reason, the Opperdoezer round is seen as a delicacy by connoisseurs. The potato contains high-quality proteins and lots of vitamins. The potato is solid-boiling and is therefore suitable for cooking and baking. There are even master chefs who don't want to cook with any other potato like the Opperdoezer round.


Because the skin of the Opperdoezer round is so thin and vulnerable, growers harvest the potato by hand. The potatoes that grow in plastic tunnels can already be harvested in May. The potatoes that grow in a greenhouse are already harvested in April. The entire harvest has to leave the ground at least before September, and this makes the upper cow an early potato.

Expensive potato

In comparison with other potatoes, the Opperdoezer round is an expensive potato. The first harvested potatoes are especially worth a capital. A box of first harvested potatoes can yield a few hundred to more than a thousand euros. then a bag of Opperdoezers of 1 kilo quickly comes to 12 euros. Opperdoezers who later leave the country are already a lot cheaper. Such a Ђ2.50 per kilo. But then people still find the potato too expensive compared to other potatoes. Very understandable. But the taste of this potato more than makes up for the money.

Danger of extinction

Because younger farmers think the Opperdoezer round is too intensive cultivation, there are fewer and fewer farmers who grow the Opperdoezer. In the past there were many farmers who cultivated the Opperdoezer round, but nowadays it is 35 growers who together have 150 ha. to grow. The growers rightly worry about the future of it tastiest potato in the world. This is due to the meager yields that cause fellow growers to drop out.

The tastiest recipes for the Opperdoezer round

  • Brush the potatoes thoroughly and boil them for 20 minutes in the skin, after which you eat them with a knob of butter.
  • Boil the potatoes for 10 minutes, fry with sea salt and melted butter.
  • Place the potatoes in quarters in an oven sledge, sprinkle with olive oil, thyme on top, and then simmer for an hour at 160 degrees.

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