5 affordable bordeaux wines

One of the trends of the year 2011 - 2012 was undoubtedly the rediscovery of wine country France. The 'smaller' regions on paper did particularly well. There was a profit for wine from the Rhone and Languedoc, but the strongest climber was surprisingly burgundy. And especially the simple, tasty and affordable bordeaux. It is plentiful, thanks to two hugely successful volumes in a row: 2009 and 2010.

White, La Croix de Freneau 2010, Bordeaux

Those who love pure wine without a lot of blabla will rub their hands. A white burgundy wine, mainly Sauvignon Blanc tinted, which knows how to charm by its freshness and distinctly aromatic character. Smells like ripe citrus fruit, lime zest and boxwood, hypernerve in the mouth, nicely fruity and peppered with fresh acids from start to finish. Can be used as an aperitif wine, but tastes even better with a rich assortment of crustaceans and shellfish.
Target price in 2012-2013: Ђ 4.69

White, Clos Sainte Anne 2010, Bordeaux

A delicious meal wine, made from equal parts of sauvignon and sémillon grapes, fermented on stainless steel tanks at low temperatures, with a lot of character and richness. Attractive nose, first floral, then more exotic fruit with mainly peach and apricot, voluminous on the palate, juicy fruit, even a bit chubby, but retaining freshness and attractive bitterness in the final. Can be easily served with a freshly moot cod or a piece of rye wing in a butter sauce.
Target price in 2012-2013: Ђ 7.29

Red, Chateau du Bois Chantant 2009, Bordeaux Superioeu

It is a shock when you open this heavy-duty bottle, but don't panic, the content is quite refined and elegant. Predominantly merlot (63%), 14.5% vol. alcohol, but still fresh and airy. Dark purple tinted, cherry on alcohol, blackberry and licorice upholster the nose, juicy and pleasant in the mouth, soft bitters, well-dosed wood and somewhat spicy in the final. Undoubtedly delicious with winter stews.
Target price in 2012-2013: Ђ 6.99

Red, Chateau Segue Longue Monnier 2008, Cru Bourgeois, Medoc

With all those enthusiastic comments about 2009 and 2010 you would almost forget that excellent wine was also made in the 'on paper' lesser years. This Cru Bourgeois from 2008 may not be put away for several years, but today it is simply delicious to drink. Especially aromas of black cherry, cassis and forest mushrooms in the nose, well balanced in the mouth, fused wood and tannins, remain well fruity until deep in the final. A bottle that we would like to see served with a piece of lamb with rosemary.
Target price in 2012-2013: Ђ 10.59

Sweet White, Clos l'Abeilley 2009, Sauternes

Not a bad idea, those half bottles of Sauternes, because one glass is usually sufficient with meals. And it is also a very nice glass, this second wine from Rayne Vigneau, a 'Premier cru classé', which knows how to charm by its beautiful balance between sweet and freshness. Tinted golden yellow, charming nose reminiscent of ripe peach, pineapple, honey and pastry cream. Rich and powerful on the palate but never sticky, dried fruit and smoky aromas, intensely sweet but with nice acids in the fi nale. To end the meal, with a piece of Roquefort, but also like that, simply as a nightcap.
Target price in 2012-2013: Ђ 10.95

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