Dog breeds: Black Russian Terrier

The Black Russian Terrier was originally bred to guard the borders of Russia. This friendly and intelligent dog is a real watchdog and it is not only suitable as a ground dog, but also as a family dog. He generally works well with children and other pets. He can adapt well to different situations and likes being in the company of others. He does not like being kept as a kennel dog and is easy to care for.


This dog is very popular in Russia and belongs to the national breeds. The Black Russian Terrier is bred to guard the borders in Russia and it originated from several breeds. The most important breeds from which he comes are: Giant Schnauzer, Rottweiler, Airedale Terrier and the Moscow Water Dog. In terms of appearance, it resembles the Giant Schnauzer most. In addition, a number of breeds have been used to change specific things, such as crossing this dog with the Newfoundland. Later on, work was done on uniformity while retaining its unique character. The dog had to be able to work independently and adapt well to the climate. Over the past ten years, the variety has become more famous worldwide, including in our country.
Source: Stephan Czuratis, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-2.5)


The dog is intelligent, watchful and sturdy. This more than average sized dog is bred to withstand the harsh climate, making it weather resistant and robust. The shoulder height with a male dog is on average between 66 and 72 centimeters and with the female this is between 64 and 70 centimeters. The weight is between 40 and 64 kilos. The body is powerful and muscular, making it look tough. Its head is long and moderately wide. Due to the long eyebrows, mustache and full beard, his head appears somewhat square. The eyes are oval and dark brown. His ears are set small and high. His back is straight, broad and muscular. According to the breed standard, the tail must be cut, but this is prohibited in the Netherlands. It is preferred that the tail is not worn curly. The feet are round with connected toes.


His coat consists of a thick woolly undercoat with tightly fitting sturdy straight tophairs. The color is black or black with some gray hair. The coat must be thoroughly brushed once or twice a week. The coat needs to be washed occasionally and it needs to be trimmed 3 to 4 times a year. If the dog is brushed well, you will find little hair in the house. Just like any other dog, he must receive his annual vaccinations and worming treatments.


He is very suitable as a watchdog. He is courageous, attentive and has a balanced character. He easily adapts to a variety of situations. He is quiet at home and feels strongly connected to his family. He can be a bit reluctant towards strangers. He likes to work with his owner and is very loyal. He can be a little stubborn, but through consistent education this can be steered in the right direction. He needs a consistent approach, but not with the hard hand. The character is fairly gentle. He can learn quickly and is unsuitable for being kept exclusively as a kennel dog. Provided that he grew up from an early age, he can go well with children or other animals. Because of his strong defensive drive, it is wise to educate him well from an early age. You have to put a lot of time and energy into building a good tire from the start.


This guard dog used to be used to guard boundaries. He can still watch very well and that's why he wants to work. This can be anything, such as agility training or long walks. As long as I'm busy with the boss, he gives in completely. If you have a little less time to move around with him, he will adjust accordingly. The Black Russian Terrier is suitable as a terrain dog.

Other information

The average life expectancy is around 10 to 11 years. If you are interested in this special breed as a roommate, be well informed in advance. A breeder can tell you more about it.

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