The Frisian Stabij

The Frisian Stabij has an excellent character, making the Stabij a good family dog. However, the Stabij is a dog that needs a lot of exercise every day! The Stabij is a dog that can really enjoy the outdoors and loves to go out in nature with the owner…

The Frisian Stabij

The Frisian Stabij is an old Dutch breed from the province of Friesland and used to be called Frisian Longhair. They are sweet dogs that fit well into a family and can be used as a herding dog or as a hunting dog.
Stabij's are very active and need a lot of exercise, they have to walk for at least 1 hour a day and preferably loose. They enjoy walking, playing, running, swimming and also dog sport.
A male stabij (a male) is approximately 53 cm high from the top of his back to the ground, while a female stabij (a bitch) is approximately 49 cm high, they call this the withers height.
In the past the stabij was mainly used as a hunting dog, he can easily kill a mole, a mouse, a rat or a wild cat. In the past, Stabij's were also used as draft dogs for the cart, now we use other dogs for hunting and we no longer use draft dogs.

The Frisian Stabij and children

The Frisian Stabij has a very social character and is therefore extremely suitable for functioning in an environment with children. Nevertheless, in the initial period, an adult should always be careful that young children do not tease, hurt or treat the dog too much.
The Stabij is a simple but powerfully built dog. The dogs are very affectionate, gentle and sweet. The dog is smart, educational and obedient and yet somewhat stubborn, a clear and consistent education of the Staby is needed, a puppy course is not a superfluous luxury. The Stabij is certainly not unconventional, it is not immediately everyone's friend, but it is friendly to everyone. In the house or in the yard the Stabij is a calm, watchful dog, and absolutely not fake or bitey.

Different types of Frisian Stabij's

Friese Stabij 's can be distinguished in various types of colors.

The Black Union

The black federation has a black head with a white chest and white belly and there are large black spots on its back and usually have a white tail tip.

The Mantle dog

The mantle dog is called that because it looks like he is wearing a black mantle. He sometimes has a white collar and a white tail tip and he has white legs.

The Platen on white Stabij

These Stabij 's have a white body with black plates or spots in some places. Sometimes they have a black head, but not always.

The brown fur

The brown fur Stabij 's have a brown head with a white chest and a white belly and there are large brown spots on its back and they usually have a white tail tip.

The Brown Fur with plates

These Stabij 's have a white body with brown plates or spots in some places. Sometimes they have a brown head, but not always.

The Staby with orange with white markings

The head of this Stabij is brown with orange, its belly is white with orange and brown spots. This color is almost non-existent.

The Tricolor

They are called that because they have three colors, black, white and brown. These dogs are no longer allowed to breed because they say they are not real Stabij's.

The blue mold

People used to call the blue mold, also known as blue and white. With a blue mold, black and white hairs are mixed together in such a way that it looks like a bluish color. These Stabij's are born he has a black head with a white body and sometimes very small spots on the toes and his feet. As they age, his color changes more and more, he is like a chameleon.

The teeth

The Frisian Stabij has scissor teeth, the teeth are called that because teeth are in the form of scissors, the upper teeth go over the lower teeth when they close their mouths.
To keep the teeth of the Stabij healthy, you can brush their teeth with special dog toothpaste. A rope bone is also very good for the teeth, because because they pull the pieces of rope loose with their teeth, the piece of rope goes between the teeth and all dirty scraps are removed and their gums remain healthy. A chew bone is not only tasty but also good for the removal of tartar. If there is too much gum or dirty residue on and between the teeth, the teeth or gums will rot and the teeth sometimes have to be pulled.


You must regularly comb or brush a Stabij with a special dog comb or dog brush. If you do not comb or brush them, loose hairs in their fur will not go away and they can get a lot of itching.
Stabij's need food 1 or 2 times a day, this can be chunks of warm water or fresh meat chunks. So you can choose yourself what you give the dog because all 2 contain all the vitamins that a dog needs. Furthermore, it is very important that there is always a bowl of fresh water ready for the dog. This is important because with it all the toxic substances in his body are peeed out again and then he becomes sick less quickly.
Bones from chicken or pork chops are not good for the dog, they are even dangerous. There may be sharp points on it and that is why they can suffocate because it gets stuck in their throat or wounds in their belly. They can even die as a result of this.


A Staby can have various diseases, such as fleas, tapeworms, roundworms, dog ticks, rabies, dog disease and much more. To prevent your dog from getting sick, you can go to the vet every year to get a shot, then the dog doesn't get sick that fast. The dog then receives an animal passport and here the vet registers exactly for which diseases the dog has had an injection and when the dog has had it.
For fleas you have special shampoo or dripping drops so that the fleas go away quickly. You can also regularly give the dog a little garlic sauce, then the fleas will also go away, because they think blood with a garlic taste is very dirty.
For dog ticks you have a special tick tweezer, with which you can remove the tick from the dog's coat yourself. If you don't take them out, they will suck more and more blood out of the dog and the dog will get very sick.

The purchase of a Frisian Stabij puppy

If you are considering taking a Stabij puppy, it is of course very wise to list all the pros and cons.
Keeping a dog has, in addition to the many positive aspects, also disadvantages. Proper upbringing, toilet training, walking with the puppy and care are of course very important, but it does require a lot of time and attention!
If you have decided that you really want a puppy, keep in mind that you are not buying a puppy from a bread breeder or a buyer. These parties mainly want to earn a lot of money and this often results in unhealthy and / or poorly socialized puppies. Instead, look at advertisements that state that the puppy is in the house, possibly with children and other animals, so that it is used to daily activities and normal social interactions.
Another option is of course to contact a breed club for the mediation of a puppy.

Video: Herryt the Stabyhoun Friese Stabij puppy - A day trip to the Netherlands (April 2020).

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